Ladies… Links: Smartphones are Amazing Edition


I got home tonight to discover my Internet has gone on the fritz. Luckily I got a smartphone a couple months ago and can continue blogging away on this little computer I carry around in my purse.  Technology is amazing. But also, I’m totally blaming any weird formatting issues on it.

Join me after the jump for what the hell is up with that picture and more juicy internet goodness.

*We’ll start with the heavy stuff: a truly thoughtful discussion about how to save football. And you’ll actually want to read the comments.

*Sammy Sosa has a Pinterest. Or perhaps Madame Tussad’s is playing an elaborate joke. (Seriously, Sammy you don’t need a pancake for your Pinterest photos. Or to put photos of yourself on Pinterest. Get your kids to explain.)

*Uni Watch has the lowdown on some niftypolka dotted basketball unis and the history behind them.

*Speaking of unis, here’s an awesome reinterpretation of the NL Central uniforms as soccer jerseys. He’s done the AL East, too.

*Winnie the Pooh Home Run Derby. The game. In Japan. (insert honey-PED joke here)

*The Awl has been writing NFL prediction haiku for each week of the regular season. This week, they did prediction sonnets. Can we have a villanelle for the Super Bowl?

*Becks is in his underwear again. (Told you they were juicy.)

Words my auto correct had objections to: hell, Pinterest, villanelle, Uni (only the capitalized one, oddly) Winnie.

Happy Thursday!

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