Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 22: Daniel Conn

Daniel Conn (5)


Yeah yeah, so I might be a little stuck on Australian rugby players. But can you blame me? After being introduced to Kayne Lawton, I ended up on a two hour long tangent that led me to several other um, delightful looking young fellows, and given that it’s almost Christmas, I can’t not share this. Meet Daniel Conn – model and second row forward for the Sydney Roosters. NSFW warning, though I’m hoping you’re all on holiday break by now…




Who doesn’t love a man on a motorcycle?


Plus you know it isn’t a buffalita post without some tooshie!

tumblr_lk8kuuTJNl1qcvq4wo1_400 pic01 daniel-conn- daniel-conn-013 Daniel-Conn-...-catching-some-waves-at-Burleight.-In-6028095 danielconn6 Daniel Conn (26) Daniel Conn (25) 12816849251565


600full-daniel-conn pic04 daniel-conn-10a daniel-conn-016a


Naked for a cause. Hot, athletic, charity. Win, win, win. Want another video? Merry Christmas!!

For the cool down, here he is with a PUPPY!!!


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