Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 19: Carlos Bocanegra

So I’ve given you a bit of Boca in the past, so I won’t even lie that this post didn’t just start out as an excuse to post these spectacular pics from this year’s ESPN Body Issue…

carlos_bocanegra1 carlos_bocanegra2

boca head

boca kick


But the I realized there’s so much more to share with you!



This gif might be from the same shoot. 
boca abs gif

And while we all just drooled over that amazing body, let me go ahead and melt your ovaries with this one:
boca baby fist bump Fist-bumping. A baby. *swoon*

The last Boca I had featured a baseball cross-over pic, but really, can you ever have too many of those? (Plus, that smile!)
boca baseballThis little flirty pensive grin. It does all of the things.
boca grin There’s side eye. There’s quirked eyebrow. There’s patriotism. Something for everyone!
boca patriotic Dirty Boca plus a side of Benny Fielhaber? Unf
boca with bonus fielhaber This last one? It’s all for MaggieSox
Boca Bubba



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