Hanukkah Hunks Night 4: David Beckham


Ok, ok – I know the Ladies… have already featured Becks as an Advent Calendar hottie back in 2009. But ever since my conversion and renewed interest in finding hot athletes that light the menorah with me, I was delighted to discover that Mr. Golden Balls has referred to himself as “half-Jewish” (grandfather was Jewish). So in honor of his recent final game with the LA Galaxy, I propose a compromise for re-featuring him for our other holiday special. I give you all shirtless David Beckham.


I mean seriously. There are just a stupid amount of pictures of Beckham on the interwobs. And fortunately for us, there is an equally stupid amount of half-naked pictures as well. Young David, older David, few tats David, lots of tats David, short hair, long hair, no hair, pants, shorts, none of the above… you get my drift. I went a little crazy here. Just enjoy the efforts.

84880_david-hot-shirtless-la-game-07_122_233lo reg_634.beckham.cm.62412 david-beckham-wall-8 David-Beckham-tattoo david-beckham-super-bowl-ad-2012 david-beckham-shirtless-training-galaxy davidbeckham-shirtless-photos-04102009-14 David-Beckham-Shirtless-Photos David-Beckham-shirtless-david-beckham-30928408-363-410 david-beckham-shirtless-0012-layer-14 david-beckham-shirtless david-beckham-obsesivo-compulsivo2 David-Beckham-HM-4 david-beckham-harper-tattoo-side-eye-football-1085826077 David Beckham Playing For LA Galaxy As They Defeat Chivas USA david-beckham-david-beckham-11108659-1600-1201 david-beckham-bottled-water-01 David-Beckham_1_2311670a David-Beckham (1) david-beckham david_beckham_body David_Beckham_3_gallery_sha david_beckham britsn-giggle-david-beckham-shirtless-elle beckham (1) beckham 532584184_b06e9b8601


Yep. Here he is in a suit with the honor of carrying this past year’s Olympic torch. You can breathe now.


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