Advent Calender of Hotness Day 9: Andy Dalton

I’m sorry, y’all. I can not resist a true redhead.


Despite the fact that he has apparently never had a decent haircut (see here and here), there’s something about Andy I still find appealing.

Maybe it’s just that, in an NFL where quarterbacks star in 90% of the Sunday commercials and get picked to death on every pre and post game show, Andy keeps such a low profile that this incidental shot from last year’s NFL awards is the only picture of him in a suit aside from his Draft Day photo.dalton3 Or maybe, it’s that red hair + shoulders = Game Mistress kryptonite. ¬†Either way, I’ve got a soft spot for Mr. Dalton, and with my own NFL team so bad that I’m actually boycotting their games, I’m adopting the Bengals as my wild card underdog.dalton4Go, Andy!

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