Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 8: Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is an old favorite here at Ladies, but can you believe he’s never been in the ACoH? In honor of his stunning return from last year’s knee injury (on Christmas Eve, no less), and because I am a total Sooner homer, please enjoy some pics.

I am not sure how these have never made it to this blog, but here are some, er, remarkable pictures of Adrian taken for Muscle & Fitness magazine:

peterson4Reportedly, Adrian pushed himself “relentlessly” in order to return in time for this NFL season.  Judging by the below picture, he’s possibly even leaner than he was for his magazine shoot.

“Oh, don’t mind me, just polishing my biceps.”
peterson5 Now you can dream of AD tonight whether he’s on your fantasy team (wink, wink) or not!peterson6

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