Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 2

Listen, I don’t know what a Square Hippie is, but we have to thank them and my friend Anna for suggesting today’s hottie. I know less than nothing about Rugby, but English captain Chris Robshaw sure makes me want to know more.

Maybe it’s a perspective thing, but his biceps appear to be bigger around than his head. That would make me cheer, too.


Square Hippies saw this is the only shirless picture of Robshaw the internet has – which is really sad and a shame. British tabloids are seriously failing us all.


You all know how I feel about a guy who wears good scruff – a blonde who manages scruff is the cake topper.


We always tend to fall on the right side of appropriate here, so I’m treading a fine line, but tell me you didn’t have some inappropriate thoughts based on his open mouth and hand placement….


That is some adorably tousled hair. Looks like I’m about to be a Rugby convert.



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