The Ladies… Make Their 2012 World Series Picks


We all agree on how awesome Verlander is.

The defending champs have been eliminated (sorry, GM. I was sad for you last night. For reals.) and the stage is set for the World Series Wednesday night (8pm ET on FOX and Sportsnet). You may remember the San Franscisco Giants from…two years ago! When they won it all and we cemented our crush on Buster Posey. The Tigers return for the first time since 2006, when they lost to the Cards in five.

We don’t have any love for either team (we do, however, have a holy hate-on for Brian Wilson. But that was a sidebar in our email conversation today and deserves its own post.) but we do love to make picks! Here’s who the Ladies… are root-root-rooting for in the Fall Classic.

Miss Minda

I’ve got the Tigers, but I hope they don’t sweep because I want to watch Verlander pitch TWO more times before the long winter sets in.

ALSO: Underappreciated hottie in this World Series: Alex Avila. So handsome


I can see it…

ALSO ALSO: Craziest eyes in this World Series: Hunter Pence. So scary.

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Also (only kind of) sorry GM, but I could not be happier the Cardinals lost. Part of me wants to cheer for the Giants just because they rid us of the Cardinals, but they just won a World Series, so I have to go with the Tigers. Plus, my heart forever belongs to Prince Fielder, so I’ll be happy to see him win one.

But really, this is “no lose” for me – I’ll be happy whomever wins.


I’m going to have to go with the Tigers, as well. They have a solid team, and I don’t see the Tigers allowing the Giants to come back from being down 3-1 like the Cards did. If the Giants want to win, they need solid pitching and to take an early lead.

Minda – My mom agrees on the Hunter Pence comment. All she keeps saying is “his eyes…HIS EYES!!” but not in a good way. :) I’ve always found Hunter rather appealing, but the Spencer Claus beard (yes, a Spencer Pratt reference) mixed with the bugged out eyes just creeps me out.



I do love Prince Fielder and I do love that he’s a fellow vegetarian (or was, I don’t know) but I have to go with the Giants. How can you not go for the team with Tommy from 3rd Rock From the Sun as a pitcher?

PhotobucketThough I do find Austin Jackson to be adorable…


(Minda Fun Fact: I featured Austin Jackson in my very first Ladies… post! “Austin Jackson was a hot basketball prospect before he decided on baseball and signed with the Yanks, where he’s caught the eye of Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson. Fun fact [within a fun fact – ed.]: He’s also a top prospect in having a sexy stare and luscious lips.”)

Back to CuteSports for a mo…

Hunter Pence has also started to walk like a gorilla, which is disconcerting. I don’t remember him doing that with the Astros (we saw him A LOT at Miller Park) but in the postseason, he’s doing this arms hanging, shoulders up, no-neck sort of waddle thing that just creeps me the hell out.

My favorite Hunter Pence moment/story will always be that there was a game where a hawk got into Miller Park and was hanging out in right field. He was there for awhile and we must have played Houston twice during his dwelling at MP. So there was a Miller Park Hawk Twitter handle started – only person he followed on Twitter? Hunter Pence (Houston’s RF).

Games Mistress

I’m rooting for the Tigers. I have always liked Prince and Verlander, so I’d like to see them get a ring. Also I feel like a number of the Giants are starting to take on Brian Wilson’s camera conscious personality “quirks.” (See CS’s Hunter Pence observation.) But it has been less than 24 hours so I am maybe a little bitter still.

Lady Bee

I’ll start with some gratuitous JGL, since Buff brought him up…

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosI have a tendency not to support the team that eliminates my Yankees, but I decided to go against convention this year and choose Detroit. For one, the Yankees have but themselves to blame. Jerks. Two, thanks to Minda I’ve grown to kind of dig Verlander, and good pitchers deserve a chance at World Series glory. Finally, we have a Triple Crown winner in Cabrera in the World Series and it would be great if he could cap off the season with a championship as well. It just makes for a good baseball story.

So that’s where we stand. How about you? Anyone wanna side with Buffalita out there?

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