5 Unbelievable Things About The Postseason Thus Far

1. Manny Machado

We didn’t end up doing a Call-Up Cuties post this year (I know! Blame Olympic fatigue/2nd Wild Card Frenzy) or you would have seen Manny already. On Wednesday, he became the first player under 21 to hit a Division Series homer (and one of only 4 players to hit a postseason homer at that age). If the Orioles rally to win their series with the Yankees,  let’s hope they don’t get cited for providing alcohol to a minor during the celebration.

2. Bob Costas returns to baseball …and everyone’s at work.

So did you know that MLB Network had a couple of Division Series games this year? And did you know that Bob Costas was announcing them? Well, since the first of these games was the Cardinals-Nationals game that began at 1 EST on a Wednesday, it appears that MLB didn’t want you to know either.  I happened to be home sick (for real, I swear) and even his little Costas tangents were kind of awesome. Since Dick Stockton, the announcer for the other games in the series can’t even remember the players’ names half the time (David Descawso, come on down!) it was a lovely change. More Bob, please.

3. The Giants won.

It’s not that I didn’t think the Giants were good enough to beat the Reds in theory, but after the Reds pounded the Giants in San Francisco, it looked like this was that one divisional series every year that just isn’t that interesting.  And yet, the Giants rallied to become the first team in the National League to rally from a 2-0 deficit, winning three games in a row on the road.  Also our boy Buster Posey hit a grand slam in game 5 to put the Reds in a hole they couldn’t quite climb out of, and then continued to be awesome during the celebration.

And speaking of that one uninteresting series…

4. No sweeps!

For the 2nd year in a row, there have been no sweeps (in fact at least 3 of the 4 series are going the entire 5 games).  Additionally there have been 3 walkoff wins, and 2 extra inning games.  This hasn’t exactly been good for getting anything else done (except my mom’s sweater), but at least if you are parked in front of the TV for a quadruple header you’re often going to see a pretty good game.

5. Raul Ibanez

What’s the most incredible thing about what Ibanez did last night? That he hit two pinch hit homeruns in one game? That Mariano Rivera predicted the first, game-tying homer? Or is it that he replaced Alex Rodriguez? Seriously, even two years ago, would you have seen this headline coming?

1 series down, 3 to go. Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “5 Unbelievable Things About The Postseason Thus Far

  1. Ibanez is magical. And to think, his numbers were so poor in spring training the Yankees were being questioned about their decision to sign him.

    It’s a shame A-Rod is being singled out (yes! I’m defending him but only because he was decent about being pinch hit.) He’s not the only Yankee bat gone cold. But the move made Girardi look like a freaking genius.

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