Olympic Bingo: Third Time’s the Charm

This lovely picture of London Bridge’s Olympic rings was taken by my sister-in-law. Thanks, sis!

It’s hard to believe, but the Olympics are finally only days away, not weeks away, and so it must be time for Olympic Bingo! (Actually, if our search stats are to be believed, a bunch of you think it’s past time for Olympic Bingo.  Hopefully two days is enough prep time for your Opening Ceremonies parties.)

Please refer to the original post for the rules.  As I mentioned before Vancouver, it seems to be more fun to play for a full blackout card, instead of the traditional bingo.  Also, be sure to establish your ground rules (whether commercials count, whether you have to see the item in question or just hear it talked about) before the ceremony — we will have plenty of scoring controversies during the games, no need to start off with one!

As always, these are based on what is to be expected for US-based viewers watching the tape delayed NBC coverage Friday night (sorry, I have no other frame of reference).  I have included the blank template for those of you who want to make your own or modify for the CBC or other broadcasts.

Here’s the pdf of the printable cards.  Enjoy! And let us know if you come up with any good alternate versions!

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