Hit and Run: In a New York Minute


39, and yet he still does this. (Photo: AP)

Sweet American Jeebus. Because having two aging outfielders simply wasn’t enough for the Yankees, they shipped two prospects to Seattle today in exchange for one Ichiro Suzuki. Classic Cashman for you: just when you think he isn’t going to make a move in late July, this happens.

A part of me didn’t feel the move was necessary. The Oakland series notwithstanding, the team has played well in the absence of leftfielder Brett Gardner, who is now out for the season. But the Yanks do miss his stolen bases, of which Ichiro has 15 this season. That’s more than Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez combined.

So YAY, WE HAVE ICHIRO! Although I feel for Mariners fans, who have had the pleasure of seeing him play in Seattle his entire MLB career.

Ichiro isn’t the only pro athlete packing his bags for the Big Apple…


Rick Nash and his bedhead

Much to the surprise of, um, no one, forward Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets was finally traded today to the New York Rangers. Heading to Ohio are Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon and a first round draft pick. So ends a saga that seemed to be bubbling since last winter when it was reported that Nash wasn’t willing to endure another rebuilding process and wanted out. He was drafted first overall by the Blue Jackets in 2002.

PhotobucketBack to baseball news that isn’t related to New York, but is about a Canuck: Ryan Dempster may be an Atlanta Brave by the time you read this. Sources say it’s essentially a done deal. Lucky Braves fans getting great pitching and great impersonations:

And in faux sports news, WWE’s Monday Night Raw is airing its 1000th episode tonight. I haven’t watched Men In Tights in a decade, and I can’t see myself tuning in. But it had me a bit nostalgic for the former Monday Night Wars when I had that crush on Steve Austin and made fun of Kanyon (because everybody made fun of Kanyon). I just scanned through an SI photo gallery in honour of the event and did not see a SINGLE. PHOTO. OF THE ROCK AND SOCK CONNECTION. What kind of candy ass nonsense is this?!! So here you go, in honour of tonight’s Monday Night Raw, I bring you the delectable Dwayne Johnson and FRIEND OF THIS BLOG Mick Foley:


2 thoughts on “Hit and Run: In a New York Minute

    • I have to admit I felt a pang of guilt watching his first at-bat last night. I feel like we stole him. Credit to Seattle fans who demonstrated so much love for him, even when he got that base hit. Even if this is a two-three month rental, it’s a good deal all around.

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