What Happens After A French Open Final

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Look, it’s just like in 5th grade when your school got the really cool photographer who let you bring props and pose in front of cool fake backdrops.  Of course, when you win the French Open, you get a real Eiffel Tower and a real trophy.


Sharapova is another one of those athletes I love for reasons I can not explain, so I was delighted with her win (Completing the career Grand Slam! After shoulder surgery!). Although in this particular instance, I love her pose. And her shoes.

(AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

OK, this was not after the Final, it was during Djokovic’s amazing third set comeback.  I was SO disappointed when the rain started up again — that was some truly amazing tennis.  Also, I kind of love Novak Djokovic now. I know, it surprised me, too.

Hey, do you remember Gustavo Kuerten? The Brazilian Tennis player? Won the French Open three times (1997, 2000, and 2001)? Well, regardless, I think we can agree on two things 1) he has a cute daughter and 2) retirement agrees with him.

(Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)

And finally, this young lady, Ana Schmiedlova, was the runner up in the Girls’ Final, and is giving some fantastic second place side-eye.  This is also what I looked like this afternoon at work when I realized it was only Thursday.

Bon Jeudi!

2 thoughts on “What Happens After A French Open Final

  1. I’m not going to lie I was totally pulling for Rafa. The French Open has always been my favorite major, and no matter how many times he wins it he’s always just as excited as he was the first time.

    • I was mostly just really excited to see someone finally look like they were pushing him at the French — I was really hoping for a Federer-Roddick at Wimbeldon style epic match, and then the rain delay. Oh, well.

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