Victoria’s Secret and MLB know exactly what women want to wear. Again.

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Another one to file under Why Can’t We Just Be Women Who Like Sports?

I realize I’m not the target demographic for Victoria’s Secret Pink line for Major League Baseball, and even if I was I’m simply not a fan of large hydrofoil screenprinting on my tees. But news of Blue Jays’ third baseman Brett Lawrie participating in their product launch on Monday caught my eye (for one thing, Brett Lawrie.)

So I kept an open mind…until I heard about the undies (left) and read this quote from the team’s VP of business operations:

It brings attention to the Blue Jays, obviously to the female demographic…

Oh! You mean we weren’t paying attention to the team before? Give me a break.

Yes, the underwear is cheeky fun (pardon the pun) and we’re no strangers to this kind of humour on this website. But once again it highlights how the MLB brand is sold to men and women. Men can just be fans. Women have to have a provocative, sexy edge. We need to be wrapped in pink and rhinestones and double entendres in order to pay attention. This certainly isn’t the case for all of their products, but as we’ve stated in the past, we could stand to see some improvements.

So here’s what I propose: equal opportunity sexualization. If MLB is willing to have saucy sayings by their team logos on women’s lacy hipsters, let’s see some balance with MLB-branded boxer briefs for the men folk. I’ll even throw out some suggested sayings:

  • In The Hole
  • Grand Salami
  • Barehand It!
  • Fielder’s Choice

NOW THAT’S HOT! I can only imagine Mr. Bee’s expression next Christmas morning when he finds a pair of these in his stocking.

Now let’s hear your suggestions! Surely our readers are raunchier than me!

7 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret and MLB know exactly what women want to wear. Again.

  1. how about “no balls and one strike!”…or “put me in coach!”…or “bring me some peanuts and crackerjacks!” (that last one would have to be in really small print haha)

  2. I love baseball for baseball’s sake and consider myself a big fan and a knowledgeable spectator. So is it bad that I want those undies?

  3. @nonsportygirl +1

    @Alison “Put me in Coach” – my favourite so far!

    @Sarah We won’t judge ;) We’ve griped about Alyssa Milano’s Touch line from time to time, and yet there’s always something that makes us go “Wellll, that top’s actually kinda cute…”

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