Belated Bracket Brawl Brap-Up

I really, really intended to post this last week, but I thought y’all would appreciate an Opening Day post on Opening Day (and CuteSports did an awesome job with it, too). Then my weekend social schedule got inverted at the last minute and I never quite got back to the computer.  So, with my apologies, here is the Bracket Brawl Wrap-Up for 2012.  After all, even if everyone expected Kentucky to win, we did make a little history in our tournament.

After two years of absolute brutality (as a reminder, CuteSports won last year by being the only person to pick just one Final Four team), this year featured much better picking.     Half of the group correctly named Kentucky the champion, and our winner, not only picked three Final Four teams (and a completely correct championship game) but finished in the 99th percentile of all ESPN brackets.  She also became our first reader champion.  Please applaud in the comments for ….. our dear friend Thistlewarrior!

Thistlewarrior finished with an impressive 1500 total points.  In second place, and our Ladies… champion, Minda posted 1190 points (and 80th percentile out of all brackets) — pretty good for someone who named her bracket Hot Mess.  Third place was reader tonerb, with 1070 points.  In fact everyone in the pool this year finished around the midpoint of all ESPN brackets — so pat yourself on the back even if you didn’t win!

And finally, as expected, Baylor triumphed in the women’s tourney in truly dominant fashion.  But can we please talk about the finals uniform selection?

 I’ve lately become fan of the gray and yellow combo in my own fashion choices, but I can’t decide if I like these.  I feel like my distaste for uniforms where the primary color is not an official team/school color should apply here.  And yet, I’m inclined to grade on a curve because they are so much better than anything the Baylor men wore.

Anyway, congrats Baylor, congrats Kentucky, and extra congrats to Thistlewarrior! Look for an email concerning your prize shortly!

2 thoughts on “Belated Bracket Brawl Brap-Up

  1. Thanks! And congrats to all the group for such a stellar performance!

    All the new Adidas unis were bad (UC & U of L’s looked orange) but Baylor’s were an assault on the eyes. It’s like Nike football and Adidas basketball are trying to out ugly each other.

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