Sports Developments That Don’t Make Me Want To Throw My Laptop Against The Wall

Let’s see, my beloved Sooner women’s basketball team lost a heartbreaker Tuesday, then yesterday there was You-Know-Who to the Jets, oh, and you might remember my boyfriend’s a Saints fan… it’s been a frustrating sports week.

Here are three things making me happy.

1. Brittany Griner and the Baylor Women’s Basketball Team. I suppose I should hate them since they smoked my girls twice this year, but they’ve smoked everyone this year (at 36-0, their margin of victory was in the single digits only 4 times; 3 of those victories were over Tennessee, UConn, and defending champion Texas A&M).  The Bears, and star player Brittany Griner, are so good that you can’t help admiring their skill.  I know accusing ESPN of bias is nothing new, but let’s just say that if this team had “UConn” on their jerseys we’d be hearing a lot of “Best Women’s Team Ever” talk out of Bristol.  Do yourselves a favor and check out one of their tourney games in the next couple of weeks.

2. Rumors of the Knicks’ Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Look, I was an early skeptic that Linsanity would last more than a few weeks — and when they lost eight in a row and their coach “resigned,”  it looked like back to the chaotic status quo in New York.  But under interim coach Mike Woodson, the Knicks have won five in a row, including last night’s big win against the 76ers.  Mind you, I’m still not expecting much if they get there, but suddenly playoff basketball in New York doesn’t seem all that unimaginable.


OK, it’s the A’s and the Mariners.  In Japan.  On tape delay.  Still. Counts.

Blame MLB for the datedness. This is the exact picture accompanying their article.

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