Guess Who Else Is Back?


First I hyperventilated. Then I started to cry. Then I had the presence of mind to read the news and call Mr. Bee. And after that, I couldn’t get anything done at the office for a good 45 minutes. Friends, ANDY PETTITTE HAS COME OUT OF RETIREMENT TO SIGN A ONE-YEAR MINOR LEAGUE CONTRACT WITH THE YANKEES.

We all should have been suspicious when he showed up at Steinbrenner Field last month to, ya know, hang out. Reading those comments again, it’s obvious he missed the game greatly. And if you recall, he never could utter the word “retired” at his farewell news conference last year. But now that the whole Clemens nonsense is behind him and he’s a few years removed from that groin injury that set him back in 2010, perhaps he feels it’s time to do what he does best. Of course, he still has to compete for a spot on the rotation, which won’t be easy: Sabathia is a given, Pineda will likely be there, Phil Hughes is having a terrific spring training, and the Yankees still have Nova, Kuroda and Garcia to deal with. That being said, Pettitte isn’t expected to be ready until May, and by then we’ll have a fair idea of what the Bombers’ 2012 rotation is all about.

Retired athletes coming back for another kick at the can is sometimes painful to watch (see Favre, Brett) and there are no guarantees this will work out for Pettitte. But for now, with my Leafs tanking and my brackets a steaming pile of crap, this news makes me pretty damn happy.

Welcome back, Andy. I missed you.

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