NCAA Tourney, Day 1: The Non-Upset Upset

Today’s zen meditation: when the only upset 3/4 of the way through the first day of play is the one upset everyone was predicting, is it really an upset? (Not to mention that at least one 12 seed has won a game in 23 of the last 24 tournaments, so statistics were even on VCU’s side.)

I delayed and delayed and delayed putting up the post in hopes that March Madness would break out, but despite some close games (and one burgeoning conspiracy theory involving Syracuse), the surprise of this tournament has been the lack of surprise.

I would like to mention that the NCAA and/or CBS is the only league/network to spread their coverage of a given sporting event over network and cable channels without leaving us non-cable sports fans out in the cold.  Yes, the March Madness Live package is not free — but at 3.99 for the entire tournament it’s also not unreasonable.  I’d love to think this could be a model for pro league playoff seasons (I’m particularly looking at you, MLB: your own internet streaming infrastructure is powering March Madness Live so we all know you can do it now), but I’m sure we’ll have to listen to more commissioner double speak about profit margins and amateur vs. professional sports at least until the current TV contracts expire.  Still that made me wonder….

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