Stevie’s Staying Put!

PHEW! I just received word that my beloved Bills will be keeping their, erm, controversially playful wide receiver Stevie Johnson around for another few years (thanks for the good news, Adam Schefter).  And yeah, he has gotten himself into trouble a couple of times, but come on – he’s otherwise a pretty good addition to that poor team (76 catches for 1004 yards and 7 TDs last season – I’ll take it!)  He signed a five-year $36.3 million deal with a $19.5 million guarantee – hopefully that will be enough to keep him from any future penalty-inducing endzone antics. Come on, Stevie – we were all thinking it, and I’m sure everyone that scored on the Jets this season wanted to do it.  Just keep thinking it and giggle to yourself rather than fake shooting yourself in the leg next time and crashing your jet into the endzone, kthx love.

Here’s his Tweet, and here he is making it a done deal this morning:

Oh, and what’s this about a mohawk request to Fitzpatrick, you ask?  Here’s our beloved Amish Rifle donning a new ‘do in support of Stevie’s signing:

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