Guess Who’s Back?

One of the great things about spring training isn’t just that baseball is back, but that it marks the return of many players who lost all or most of last season to injury. Like our shadow player below.  Can you guess who this is?

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

It’s Buster Posey! Last seen in action on May 25, 2011, and recovering nicely from that horrific broken leg. And he’s not the only significant player making a welcome return.

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Adam Wainwright’s back on the mound for my beloved Cardinals after needing Tommy John surgery last February. Which is even more welcome, since he’s My Guy on the Cards now that My Old Guy went to That Other Team.

Also in returning pitchers — Johan Santana!

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Johan’s been out of action so long (he sustained the shoulder injury he’s returning from in mid-summer 2010) that it was only by stumbling across this picture in a random “spring training” image search that I even remembered he was a come back story. Though it’s not 100% certain he’ll be ready for Opening Day, his recovery seems to be progressing nicely after a year of constant setbacks.

On the non-pitcher and catcher side of things, Justin Morneau also seems to be making progress after struggling with the after effects of a July 2010 concussion for a season and a half, and freaking everyone in the Twin Cities out by making the entirely practical observation that a return of his symptoms might mean the end of his baseball career. Luckily that doesn’t appear to be a decision he needs to make just yet.

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

Guess who is starting to feel very good about her decision to buy the full season package this year?

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