I gave up watching “30 Rock” for this? The 2012 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft


Phil Kessel, last year's whipping boy (Photo: Getty Images)

Last year’s NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft was new and fun to watch! This year’s draft was missing the charm of Ovi and his cell phone, and the embarrassment of watching Phil Kessel get drafted last. Oh, but that doesn’t mean Leafs fans didn’t get a few kicks in the crotch! Here’s a quick rundown of what you may have missed:

Obnoxious homer fans. They don’t screen these hooligans out? Poor Joffrey Lupul, Chara’s alternate captain, couldn’t make a single announcement without getting booed to within an inch of his life. But he wasn’t the only Leaf to face the chorus of asshats. Phil Kessel faced the loudest abuse. Dion Phaneuf got the charming “overrated” chant. And yet, they clapped for Carey Price. Whatever. Keep it classy, Sens fans.

Speaking of Carey Price, he did this kind of cute, disarming shrug-like thing when he had just taken a swig from his water bottle and realized his name was called by Team Chara. I was temporarily charmed.

Tim Thomas not saying anything. Timmy’s White House snub was the talk of TSN’s pre-draft show, and I’m sure they were waiting for Chara to pick him last, or snub him, or something. But it was a non-issue. Thomas was one of the few players interviewed after being drafted and had nothing new to add to this, simply that he said what he said and that was the end of it. And hopefully this story is put to bed and we can move on. I mean, I just found out Tim was a fan of Glenn Beck! Now I have to judge him?! /facepalm

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1st overall pick Pavel Datsyuk is dwarfed by his team captain Zdeno Chara, but then Chara dwarfs everyone. (Photo: Getty Images)

OH! OH! CONTROVERSY!!! Chara did not draft a single Canuck, much to the chagrin of Bruins fans everywhere (I’m using sarcasm font). And Alfredsson took all the Sens, including two in the first two rounds. I’m not sure if we should have expected anything different.

Jamie Benn’s hair. Without a doubt the worst hair of the night. After Phil Kessel’s.

Jason Spezza’s running commentary. TSN periodically shot to Jason Spezza of the Sens cracking jokes to his teammate Erik Karlsson. On Steven Stamkos: “He’s got a pretty good shot. He shoots it pretty good, I think.” On the Sedins: “I wonder if he and his brother will have any chemistry in the game.”

Mr. Bee’s running commentary. You can only hear this in my house, but it was entertaining to hear him explain tonight’s festivities to the the Littlest Bee: “We’re watching players get drafted to participate in the most boring hockey game of the year!” Truer words were never spoken.

3 thoughts on “I gave up watching “30 Rock” for this? The 2012 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft

  1. I wonder if they should do this for the Pro Bowl, only since they’d have to wait until this week to know who’s actually available, they could get everyone to Hawaii, line them up and have the captains choose teams like in elementary school. The game would still be boring but that part would be fun.

    And I have been bummed out on your behalf about Tim Thomas all week.

    • I’m sure a Pro Bowl fantasy draft would be entertaining. The NFL is full of great personalities.

      But, Tim! A Tea Party supporter?!! I’m so terribly disappointed. Maybe he’ll get traded to a Canadian team, learn to love universal health care and responsible government, and have a political change of heart. A girl can dream.

      • I liked the fantasy draft. I don`t get Don Cherry`s point about being embarrased being the last one picked. I`d be pretty happy to be the last of the best.

        As for the Tim Thomas thing, I suppose he could have just not shown up and said nothing. At the same time, he`s using his celebrity to make his views known the same way that Hollywood does which doesn`t seem to draw the ire of too many people. Personally I prefer to keep my sports, television, movies, music and politics seperate. But musicians and actors do this sort of thing all the time, so it`s not overly surprising that athletes want to get in on the action.

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