Cool Sports Stuff You Probably Didn’t Get for Christmas

There were a lot of sports-themed gifts given in my family this year. I received a set of Cardinals pens and my first official Jets shirt (right at the time when I was most mortified to be a Jets fan, but that’s another story), my boyfriend received a few Saints items, and a lot of orange changed hands among the 3/5 of my immediate family who attended Oklahoma State.

But, as often happens, it was only this week that I discovered a few awesome sports related items that I really wish I’d known about in early December.

After seeing the Deadspin post about the Royal Mint’s football themed coin (featuring a diagram of the offsides rule), I did a little investigating into the rest of the series (see the full collection here). Though most of the other designs weren’t as informative as the football coin (each design was commissioned from a different UK artist), there is a wide variety of sports represented, from well known events like football, basketball, and gymnastics, to less celebrated events like handball and badminton.  In a neat touch, there are also coins for sports unique to the Paralympics, such as wheelchair rugby and goalball, represented above, which is a handball-like sport created especially for blind athletes. Much like the US State Quarters I want them, but I don’t want to purchase them directly from the Royal Mint (though that’s possible) — I want authentic, circulated coins.  Luckily I currently have family in England that can keep an eye out for me.

These teddy bear fielding postcards featuring various members of the 1907 Chicago Cubs are unfortunately no longer available on eBay (and ended up selling for much more than I’d want anyone to spend on a gift).  But they are adorable, and this may be the only time I’ve ever been jealous of a person who wound up with Cubs memorabilia.

Mere days after I found Left Field Cards’ Bizzare Injury Series through a Hardball Times link and spent several minutes trying to decide if I had anyone good to buy them for, a friend posted them on my Facebook wall and suggested I needed them for myself.  The series, which includes such classics as the John Smoltz ironing his shirt while he was wearing it injury and Clint Barmes throwing his back out carrying a deer he’d killed, is intriguing enough (I actually don’t recall the Nolan Ryan vs. coyote story), and the website suggests new theme series are on the way. Maybe I’ll wait until I have my pick.

Then again, I do have a birthday in two months.

Did you get (or give) any cool sports stuff this year? Or are you, too, already compiling next year’s wish list?

4 thoughts on “Cool Sports Stuff You Probably Didn’t Get for Christmas

  1. I got these awesome wool banners for my teams – Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Brewers and LSU – that has their logos through the years embroidered on them. Can’t wait to hang them in our sports room

  2. Derek Jeter makes buttermilk pancakes?! Like I do every Sunday?!! This is why we were meant to be.

    I didn’t receive anything sport-y, but I gave Mr. Bee the DVD collection of the Essential Games of (Old) Yankee Stadium. We are achingly predictable.

    CuteSports, those banners are awesome!!!

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