Merry Christmas from Ladies…

I could think of worse Christmas presents than being 6th in the East. OH, HERE'S ONE: Ron Wilson's contract extension!

We hope that wherever you are today, you’re celebrating with those you love, doing stuff you love. For me, that’s home with my family in snowy Lower Canada, where we have a turkey roasting and a pumpkin pie baking as I type and I’m counting down until my kids go to bed so I can watch my hubby’s new Classic Games in Old Yankee Stadium DVD (or the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” set I found in my stocking. Or Bears-Packers. It’s a toss-up.) In the meantime, there’s Lego all over our living room. It’s a beautiful thing.

We’ll pop in occasionally over the holidays in between visits and travel, but rest assured we’ll be back in with an everloving vengeance in 2012. Which is apparently the end of the world or something? I’d better get a last trip to the Bronx in, in that case.

On behalf of the other Ladies…, hugs and kisses and this groovy Christmas tune, a nice antidote to that piece of Carey-Bieber dreck that you’ve been hearing this holiday season:

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