Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 21

Unfortunately for me, there is a bit of a dearth of yumminess on the Brewers. Its such a shame, really. But one of the completely underrated cuties is backup catcher George Kottaras.

Honestly, the absolute best thing about Kottaras is his accent. He’s Canadian and while he’s been playing in the MLB and minors for awhile, every once in awhile the Canada comes out it and its great. You can hear some of it when he answers the second question in this video

He’s also of Greek descent and is fluent in Greek – so there’s always that chance he’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear and take you for fabulous vacations on Crete.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, Kottaras hit one of just two cycles in Major League Baseball this season.

Follow the jump to peak in on this Canadian cutie

This is actually his MLB head shot. How many players actually look good in their head shot? Love the smile “brackets” and of course , the scruff.

I just love the look on his face here. It’s super-intense and concerned.

Here’s George being arty and pensive. There’s something very interesting out there in the distance. He’s deep, yo.

He doesn’t get distracted when guys try to go all Bartman on him. Focused catchers are hot.

I know some of you Ladies… readers are forearm fans, so it really doesn’t get much better than this picture.

But really, I won’t pretend that this view of Kottaras isn’t what cemented my little crush. Nyjer Morgan did a segment on Jim Rome is Burning and the surprise of it was the awesome bod on Kottaras.

5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 21

    • I think I like him with the beard best. And to answer your question as to how many MLB players look good in their mug, I mean, headshots, the answer is none! They are all terrible!

  1. Remember the triple play the Brewers made vs. LAD in 2011? George made the third out, then just hopped up and trotted into the dugout. No big deal, just doin’ my job.

    Focused catchers are indeed hot.

  2. I didn’t catch any Canadian in that video at all but then maybe I’m desenstized to the accent being Canadian and all

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