Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 20

I’m the farthest thing from an NBA fan, but we realized we’ve neglected those of you in our fanbase that find their hotties with big biceps and long shorts.

And since he’s been in the news so much lately, today’s hottie is recently named Los Angeles Clipper Chris Paul.

I don’t want to break any Hornets fans hearts, so I tried to steer away from the shots of him in New Orleans gear. I hope that hopes a little.

Turns out Paul wears a mean suit and isn’t afraid to flash the pearly whites. Follow the jump for some long overdue basketball love.

I’m not normally a fan of that pencil-thin mustache, but Chris carries it off

Love the tie and sweater vest. Very nerd chic. Very cute.

And a man who knows how to rock a pocket square? Always ready to bring home to mom.

He’s got a Donald Driver smile that just lights up the place.

Here he is getting introduced as a Clipper and he does look mighty happy to be there.

Your obligatory NBA player bicep picture

Seriously – who doesn’t love a three-piece suit? It’s so dapper. (Random aside: gorgeous men in waistcoasts ahoy)

Clearly Chris loves his fashion and that’s something I can get behind. He’s always done up well, but never too done. Love that he has style and knows how to use it.

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