Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 19

Now, obviously if I’m a Buffalo girl, then it should follow that I’m a Sabres fan. And trust me, I am. With a healthy hatred for the Maple Leafs, Flyers, Bruins, and especially the Rangers. However, I feel it’s a little unfair to hold a hatred for the other NY team given that I live here, they’re seldom a threat, and they have a pretty cute goalie! Little older, but that’s never stopped me – meet Islanders goaltender Nick DiPietro.

DiPietro’s been around for a bit – he was the first overall NHL Entry draft pick for the Islanders way back in 2000.  Though he’s had a lengthy career riddled with unfortunate injuries and a bit of a rough start, the Islanders must certainly have faith in him – just before he joined the USA hockey team at the 2006 Tourino Winter Olympics, he signed what will likely be the longest contract in the NHL after the 2005 NHL collective bargaining agreement was settled.  Fifteen years is certainly a lengthy commitment, but if he keeps that adorable gaze and bangin’ jawline in check (and the rest of the Islanders don’t get any better around him), I certainly won’t mind having to see him around for the next eight years to come. Plus I really don’t mind when my men get a little scrappy.

Looks pretty good in a suit too, no?

If this doesn't make your heart smile...

Even happened to find a wedding photo – lucky girl!

And it wouldn’t be a Buffalita ACoH post if it didn’t end on a dirty, suggestive, and/or shirtless note…

Not 100% sure what he's licking off that helmet, but let's be honest, do you really care?

Not everyone can be perfect all of the time, so I chose to omit the creepy facial hair photo. Look at your own risk.

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