Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 18

I took a straw poll on Twitter looking for new and exotic hotties to bring to our readers for their viewing pleasure. I’ve been stuck in the soccer rut and the football suggestions we haven’t covered in recent years make me sad.

Thankfully, a friend pointed me in the direction of NASCAR where I found the cutest little button in Kasey Kahne. Who knew such an adorable dude was hiding under all that flame-retardant gear?

I mean, he’s got all the CuteSports prerequisites: eye-crinkles, gorgeous eyes, rosy cheeks and looking yummy in scruff. A girl cannot go wrong.

The worst thing I can say is there is a serious dearth of nekky pictures of NASCAR drivers. You know you’re hurting to see some skin when you save a picture of a guy getting miked up, showing a couple of inches of abs. How are the many lady NASCAR fans not in demand of pictures of these guys shirtless?

Enough with the chatter, bring on the hottie:


No really. Those eyes. Should never been hidden inside a helmet.

Follow the jump to see more where Kasey looks into your soul….


When I was looking for pictures, Kasey here looked so damn boyish that I Googled him to make sure he wasn’t jail bait. Turns out he’s 31. Disaster averted. Also, boy is going to age WELL.

Also, also – I am a sucker for a flushed, rosy cheek. I find it frickin’ adorable.



Mmmm, scruff


Here’s his “Blue Steel”


See – eye crinkles. Scruff. Om nom nom. I’m so predictable.



It’s always nice when they clean up so well. You know they can meet mom.


And finally here’s the aforementioned hint o’ abs to end your viewing pleasure.

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