Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 15

I seem to have crazy football jinx powers lately (did you see last week’s Saints game?), everything baseball related just reminds me of You-Know-Who and the Team He Is No Longer On (I figure after Chrismas I’ll be over it. Maybe.), and I have done most of my favorite basketball players in previous years.  A hockey ACoH it is, then!

Today: Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard

Source: JackDetroit

I know, I know, the Red Wings are the Yankees of hockey (perhaps even more hated, relatively), but after reading Katie Baker’s most recent mailbag (scroll down to the second question), it seems like the solid season Jimmy’s putting together in the net could use a little more appreciation.

Hold still, Jimmy. We're appreciating your ...stats.

Despite posting a miniscule 1.82 goals against average (2nd best in the league and almost a full goal better than his GAA last season), Jimmy was left off the NHL’s All-Star ballot, which has prompted the Detroit media to launch a write-in campaign on his behalf.  He’s currently got the most write-in votes, but that’s good for only 8th best among goalies, so he’s got a ways to go.

Jimmy also looks pretty good in a playoff beard. If his stats stay this good for the rest of the season, this year’s version may get a lot bushier than last year’s.

See?  Red Wings aren’t all bad.

Source: JackDetroit

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