Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 14

Apparently I’ll be your resident soccer-hottie provider during the Advent Calendar of Hotness. But that’s ok by me, since the pool of potential yummitude is pretty big. They wear a lot less clothes then football players, have gorgeous thighs, tooshes and abs and since soccer is bigger in europe, the paparazzi photos abound. 

So today’s hottie is frenchman Thierry Henry. A player for the 1998 World Cup-winning French National Team, Henry played in Italy, for Premier League side Arsenal and in Spain with Barcelona. But happily for us American Ladies… he’s recently brought his smile (and talent) to Red Bull New York of the MLS.

Henry might not knock your socks off like Marco Boriello did, but there’s something about the facial parentheses he gets when he smiles that just makes him so darn adorable.


Follow the jump for more of that killer smile as well as some shirtless action.

There are so many reasons to get on the Theirry Henry train.

He’s stylish


And brooding


But there are a lot of pictures of him flashing his great smile and lots of the pearly whites


And the man can wear a suit.


Like really, really wear a suit.


You’ve got to love a man who can perfectly show off the “bitch please” look so well. And have it get caught on film.


And if the rest of that didn’t do it for you, there’s always this:


And those thighs….


But really, let’s go back to the abs. And the arms. And the pecs. And the happy trail….


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