Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 13

Continuing on my second year football men trend, I accidentally stumbled on this adorable gem in my photo research for yesterday’s ACoH Ryan Mathews.  I have to be honest – I’m not really a Broncos fan, so I sadly missed wide receiver Mr. Eric Decker up until now.  If you’re familiar, you will certainly enjoy the abundance of photos I have collected.  If you aren’t familiar yet, just thank me later ;)

I’m pretty sure that I could tell you that Decker was picked in the third round of the 2010 draft by the Broncos.  I’m pretty sure I could also tell you that he was drafted by Brewers in the 2008 MLB draft, then drafted again the next year by the Twins (mini Bo Jackson, anyone?). I’m pretty sure that I could tell you that even though poor Eric has been plagued with numerous foot injuries later in his college career as well as at the start of his NFL career, he’ll most certainly be one to watch in years to come, especially with Tebow holding the reigns.  But I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t care.  Allow me to provide you with a few more visual aides.




Done yet?

Wait, you want a few more?

Well, you are in luck, my friends!

(These aren’t necessarily NSFW….let’s just say they’re QFWIYBHTWB. Or Questionable For Work If Your Boss Happens To Walk By.)

(Fortunately for us, he apparently really hates cloth touching his chest)

He also apparently stripped – so glad Outsports shared the scoop on that so now everyone can enjoy and appreciate…

Aaaaaaand you’re welcome.  Need a cool down? Here’s a silly one to bring you back.

Gotta love Twitpics!

5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 13

  1. Seven shirtless photos plus hot forearm shots and the one that did it for me was the picture of Decker in the argyle sweater. What!

  2. I’m catching up after missing a few, and this is my favorite so far. But the wool coat/shorts/tube socks/loafers getup is just weird. Thanks for introducing him!

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