Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 12

Now, I know what you’re thinking – hey Buffalita, why would your pick for the ACoH hottie today be a running back that somewhat stomped all over your beloved Bills yesterday?  Well, for two reasons – it’s intra-conference so it doesn’t really mean much since they’ll only play each other once every few years (plus let’s be honest – I had a bit of a hard time Billeiving that my poor team could pull one off against a team whose record is a tad closer to 500 than ours).  Plus, I figured I should show a little appreciation for one of the only useful running backs left on my fantasy team.  Smell the bitter from there?  Sure, maybe I’m a little bummed that without Peterson or Peyton Hillis for most of the season, my lineup was relatively useless.  But at least I could count on cutie Mr. Ryan Mathews of the San Diego Chargers to keep my head afloat.

Mathews is still pretty new to the NFL – he was one of the top prospects from the 2010 draft and was picked 12th overall.  For good reason too – during his freshman year at Fresno State, he led all NCAA freshman in touchdowns and rushing yard average with 866 yards on 145 carries with 14 touchdowns.  Junior year, he led all of college football in rushing with an average of 150.67 yards per game in 12 games.  Though his first season was a little rough, he’s slowly making up for it this year (and making me a happy fantasy team owner) and now that he has my attention both with talent and, well um, impressive exterior, I’m excited to see what he’ll contribute with Rivers in the next couple years to come.  Plus, how could you not have a crush on that smile?

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