Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 8

Today’s ACoH selection was inspired by the last two weeks of New Orleans Saints games and my boyfriend’s growing mancrush on tight end Jimmy Graham.  Since becoming the starter last year, Jimmy has become one of the Saints’ biggest offensive weapons — and this year, he has become one of the best tight ends in the entire league.

If you’ve watched any Saints games this year, you’ve undoubtedly heard that Jimmy was  recruited to Miami as a basketball player, and only switched to football in his last year of NCAA eligibility. Jimmy also survived a difficult childhood to make it to college in the first place, and now hopes to work with similarly disadvantaged children in New Orleans.

Jimmy doesn’t seem to be photographed out and about a lot, and the picture below is the best I could do as far as shirtless.  I suspect this will change as his fame grows, so perhaps we’ll have to revisit Mr. Graham sometime after the holidays.  For now, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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