Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 7

I don’t have many opinions about the New England Patriots. Really, I don’t. Out here in the safety of the AFC West, I don’t have to think about them much. One thing I do think is that Aaron Hernandez is kind of pretty just unfairly hot? I don’t know. Don’t judge me.

Off we go.

"Aaron! Over here!"

He likes to smile.

...and eat chicken. I knowwww. (Click pic for source!)

Seriously, he’s even hot while eating the chicken, though. What? Video!


And, of course, the shirtless one. Duh.


Head here for a bonus shirtless pic. It’s goofy.

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About Minda

I hail from Nebraska, and I like to take pictures. I love the Royals more than what the Surgeon General recommends (the recommendation, in case you need to know, is about 4.5 milligrams per day for persons of average height and weight).

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