Advent Calendar of Hotness 2011: Day 2


Hi CJ! HIIIIIII!!! (Photo: Jonathan Zizzo)

Missing baseball yet? I sure as heck am! Fear not, readers – the Advent Calendar has a few boys of summer hiding behind its (virtual) cardboard doors, like this offseason’s Most Eligible Starter, C.J. Wilson.


Smolder Alert!

The 31-year-old lefty has his reasons for thinking 2011 was a very good year: going 16-and-7 with a 2.94 ERA and a career-high 206 strikeouts. Oh, and there was that Going-to-the-World-Series thing. His postseason performance was a bit of a disappointment, but it hasn’t stopped Wilson from becoming one of the most sought-after free agents this offseason (I mean, after Pujols and Fielder…)

PhotobucketDid you know that C.J. also fancies racing and photography? And that he lives a “straight edge” lifestyle as emphasized by his Twitter handle, @st8edgeracer (duh, Bee…)?


Nice form!

Since he’s obviously not going to be a Yankee any time soon, the best I can do is daydream about having a fake beer with C.J. at a Texas bar. Or Los Angeles. Or wherever the heck he lands.

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