Bon Voyage?!

We know that we normally take our vacation in February, but really, with the Super Bowl, that never really ends up happening anyway. And with semesters coming to a close and the holidays ramping up, your Ladies… are all a bit frazzled and over-worked. And it’s showed in our lack of posting…

So we’ve decided to take the rest of November for vacation. We hope this doesn’t inconvenience too many of you.

We will be back in December to provide you with your yearly fill of Hannukkah Hotties and the Advent Calendar of Hotness.

And we promise to re-commit ourselves to providing you with tasty man-noms, stories of amazing women athletes and the other awesomeness that has been somewhat lacking around these parts lately.

So happy (very) Early (American) Thanksgiving! Remember to wear comfortable shoes and throw some ‘bows while shopping on Black Friday. When we come back, hopefully we’ll have finally snapped out of our baseball stupor and we’ll be talking the ramped up college basketball season, college football bowls, the Hot Stove and whether my Packers are still undefeated :)

The Ladies…

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