In Which Baseball Drives Me Actually Insane

Guys! He needs to wear that tonight!

Somewhere in the middle of the ninth inning last night, I realized I was clutching a sofa cushion to my chest and rocking back and forth.  Then Freese tripled with two outs and two strikes and I threw back my head and cackled.

It was about then that I realized baseball had succeeded in driving me mad.

If the Cardinals’ regular season was an endless series of frustrations rescued only at the last minute from complete and utter disaster, last night’s game was a near perfect microcosm (missing only the rally-killing GIDP, which at three different points last night could have been the way the season ended, but somehow never materialized).  I can only imagine what it must be like to be a Rangers fan this morning — and yes, I actually started to pick up the phone for that conversation with Susan in the top of the ninth, only to check the impulse and send a text instead (she often goes to bed quite early during the work week so hopefully she missed being put through the wringer).

So now there’s a Game 7.  In St. Louis.  And you aren’t going to believe this….

I have other plans.

A friend offered me a chance to see Stevie Wonder perform a semi-private concert (a benefit for the non-profit she works for) tonight. In my defense, at the time she asked, there was no inkling of a possible rain delay, and the Cardinals had just taken a 2-1 series lead in rather convincing fashion.  It looked like we were heading for 5 games, maybe 6 if Texas pulled themselves together.  And they almost did.

I actually did plan on backing out when the rain delay was announced, but my brother (also a HUGE sports fan) informed me that “this is what DVRs are for,” and so I am making use of my boyfriend’s technology yet again in an attempt to have my cake and eat it too.

Maybe I’ve already gone crazy.

All I know is I’m likely to remember tonight for a LONG time, no matter what happens.

What would you do?

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