Ladies… Linkups: Busy Sports Week Edition

St. Louis Cardinals Chris Carpenter

Hockey season is in full swing, I’m 6-and-0 in the Ladies… Fantasy Football League (what the @#$!), the World Series begins Wednesday and in the NBA…yeaaaah, anyway, it’s a busy sports week here at Ladies… I promise I’ll return to some NHL Hotness Profiles soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these stories written by other people:

  • Too soon to talk about an undefeated season for the Pack! Too soon! [ESPN]
  • Carson Palmer, welcome to the Raiders. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Phil Kessel is your first NHL Star of the Week. Be afraid. Be very afraid. [Puck Daddy]
  • Some thoughts about the horrific accident that claimed the life of Dan Wheldon. [NBC Sports]
  • The Rangers return to the Big Dance. []
  • And your Game 1 starter for the Cards is… []

Finally, I have to tell you I came thisclose to buying these tonight, until I realized that I probably wouldn’t receive them in time for Hallowe’en. Are they not awesome? If only I could hop into my invisible jet and pick them up myself in Pennsylvania.

3 thoughts on “Ladies… Linkups: Busy Sports Week Edition

  1. Those socks are AH-Mazing.

    As a Wisconsin Hockey fan, I have a completely (ir)rational hatred of Phil Kessel. He’s from the Madison area and was recruited by UW. He chose to go to Minnesota – pretty much Wisconsin’s biggest rival. It’s just a no-no, you know? And when he committed to Minnesota, he made comments about how he went there because he wanted to win championships.

    Of course, he played just one year at Minnesota 2005-2006. Do you know who won the college hockey national championship that season? That’s right – the Wisconsin Badgers.

    Folks buy Frozen Four tickets way in advance, so there’s usually fans from all over the country there, whether their team made it or not.

    One of my all-time favorite hockey memories is from that Frozen Four when a large group of Minnesota fans walked past us and some Wisconsin fans started a very loud “Where is Kes-sel?” chant. Sweet, sweet revenge!

    • Yeah, I still do not have that same love for Kessel as I do for other Leafs.

      Funny thing: Sportsnet has been running these ads to promote the Leafs games they broadcast, and Kessel tries to give the smoldering tough guy look a la Dion Phaneuf or Luke Schenn.

      He fails so hard.

  2. Sweet socks!

    I was v. surprised to hear about the Palmer trade this morning. It’s about damn time. But honestly has someone checked on Mike Brown? He’s actually done something that made sense.

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