Super Rain Delay Video Extravaganza (FUNNY!!!!)

(Will that work for a You Tube title, or do I need more exclamation points?)

As I type this Wednesday evening, the ALCS is just getting under way after a two hour delayed start; it remains to be seen how an impending storm will effect the NLCS.  Meanwhile, an unexpected 24 hour “suspension” of my evening plans has forced me to scramble for a post idea a day early.  Remembering an old baseball video we had growing up that featured (I think) Robin Yount and Paul Molitor goofing around during a rain delay, I hit YouTube hoping to find a clip.  Either no one shares my appreciation for Robin Yount, belly padded with towels, pretending to hit a Molitor “air pitch” for a home run on top of a rain soaked tarp (complete with face first slide into home), or MLB’s license police have been really earning their pay, for I came up with nothing.  Fortunately, though, I found other rain delay antics to enjoy.  But first, we have to get that tarp on the field!

The one example of MLB rain delay player antics that does get representation on YouTube (and seriously, a quarter of the fans at this game must have uploaded a clip) is a Texas-Mets interleague game from 2008, when the Rangers came out just before the game was called to do a little tarp sliding.  This is not the longest of the clips, but it does offer the best resolution without turning it into a music video.

Unsurprisingly, the best rain delay videos center around college teams (college students being the foremost experts on creative time-wasting). We’ve linked to the jousting video before; dance-offs are also a popular rain delay past-time (and then there’s this Thriller tribute, which is made even better by the commentary from the confused eight year old near the camera).  Some teams, however, opt for more elaborate entertainment.  Exhibit A: This Clemson-Davidson game from May (bonus points to the poster for apparently syncing the live radio narration with the video).

Exhibit B: This Florida Atlantic – Western Kentucky game from 2010 (this video was produced as a feature for FAU’s sports site, and it’s somewhat long, but it does stick to the best parts of every “performance”).

Happy Thursday!

1 thought on “Super Rain Delay Video Extravaganza (FUNNY!!!!)

  1. I have never been prouder of my alma mater (WKU). :P Back when I was there we had the funniest hecklers at the games. They were hilarious and without any low blows.(I was going to say “below the belt” but there was a player from UC named Minges…)

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