You Go Girl – Brianna Amat edition

I’m a giant bundle of nerves for the Brewers’ Game 5 tonight, so excuse the hit and run style of this post.

I wanted to point you all to the story of Brianna Amat, senior from Pinckney Community High School outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

On October 1 she was named the school’s Homecoming Queen. Less than an hour later, she kicked the game-winning field goal during the Homecoming football game.

An outstanding soccer defender, Amat became the first girl ever to play on Pinckney’s varsity football team.

By the way, Amat also has a 4.0 and is treasurer of the Student Council.

She missed an extra point early in the game, leaving her team with a slim 6-0 lead. But her field goal in the third quarter was the difference, as her team went on to win 9-7.

She has nothing but positive things to say about her time on the varsity football team, which warms my heart. She could have encountered derision and difficulty, but they seem to have welcomed her with open arms. And she’s having a ball.

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