Saturday Morning MMMM

I found a pic this week that I wanted to share and I was afraid we’d already featured this hottie – but alas, we’ve failed you and never given you a post full of USMNT player Carlos Bocanegra.

I love sports cross-overs. Nothing finer than a hottie showing his prowess at more than one sport. This pic is from the All-Star Game, so I’m sorry I’m a few weeks late in getting it to you.

Even Boca knows you should always be high-socked!

Carlos seems skeptical here, noting how long the Ladies… had ignored him, but I assure him is was merely an administrative oversight.

Follow the jump for more Boca love

Carlos cleans up well…

But I’m pretty sure I prefer him dirty!

Here’s one for you forearm Ladies…

I am a sucker for stubble, plus he looks so pensive.

Well I don’t know if Carlos shirtless would make me belly-laugh like he is here, but it sure would induce some girlish giggles.

Apparently pensive stubble is a default mode for Carlos.

Carlos makes the case that soccer should always be played shirtless.

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