Buffalita’s Bachelorette Pt. 2 (With Poll!)

Brad Smith may be new to the Buffalo Bills this season, but he just had to get in on Buffalita’s Bachelorette Party. Lady Bee put Part 1 on her post for a reason, people: we are not done with the revelry.

Ryan Miller of Buffalita’s beloved Sabres also wanted to, ahem, pay his respects. Knowing Buff works in the music biz, he decided on a theme outfit:

Um…. cute puppy, Miller.

Bills safety George Wilson volunteered to provide a different sort of entertainment:

Let’s all give George a BIG round of applause.

Moving on: in keeping with the tradition of silly/sexy bachelorette gifts, I have stumbled onto a previously unknown (to me, anyway) subset of the wedding trosseau — sports team garters. There are Bills garters:

Mets garters:

even Sabres garters:

I was going to post just the Mets garter because it could serve as a something new and a something blue, but then I realized all these teams are blue (as are the Yankees).  So, since you’re all participating in this party, I thought I’d leave it to you:

I leave you with a (kind-of) wedding appropriate dance party, courtesy of Florence + the Machine. (It’s even better if you imagine Ryan Miller and his costume into the video.)

Congrats, Buffalita!

3 thoughts on “Buffalita’s Bachelorette Pt. 2 (With Poll!)

    • I actually even found one place that would do multiple teams of your choice on the same garter (although they didn’t have a picture of the teams I needed, and were kind of weird looking). I did try to choose from places that promoted them as “wear YOUR team’s colors” as opposed to the ones whose copy read “surprise your man with his team.”

  1. CRAP, I think I’m too late to order one of the garters!! This would totally fulfill the “something blue” void that I have right now!! And thanks for the eye candy GM ♥ Mr. Buffalita is likely super jeals :)

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