Welcome to Buffalita’s Bachelorette! (Part 1)

Never mind Kate and William, or those rumours about Brangelina finally tying the knot. The Wedding We Care About here at Ladies… is that of our own Buffalita, who will be exchanging vows with the soon-to-be Mr. Buffalita next weekend.

Unfortunately, time, money and geography prevents us Ladies… from throwing her a proper bachelorette party, complete with wine, taco dip and game of washers (WHAT! A game of washers was completely acceptable at my baby shower! Maritimers know how to party, yo!)

So instead, we’re sending our best wishes in true Ladies… fashion with this series of posts dedicated to the Best Bride-to-be in NY State. Who needs a male *ahem* exotic dancer when you can run a series of photos of handsome athletes instead? (Besides, it eliminates that messy tipping…)

Let this song set the mood and join us after the jump to see who I picked for Part 1 of Buff’s Bachelorette.

Buff seems to have a conflicted relationship with NY ball clubs: she’s a Mets girl, but still has a soft spot for the Bronx Bombers. So OBVIOUSLY I put this little montage together in her honour.


The ever adorable Curtis Granderson

Image Source

Also looking adorbs: CC!

Image Source

Russell Martin: catching is serious business. (Photo: Getty Images)

Image Source

My pitcher boyfriend, Phil (Photo: Getty Images)


Your 2011 Home Run Derby Champ Robinson Cano and his sweet, sweet swing (Photo: Getty Images)

Image Source


Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Ivan Nova, who looks, like, 16 here.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

The high socks of David Robertson (Photo: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Props to Lia Chang for this excellent photo of Gardy (visit liachang.wordpress.com)

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

And The Captain. Back off, haters.

Oh, if only we could arrange to have that leap out of a cake. Wearing those jeans.

BONUS FASHION BREAK Say money was not an issue and we were all together for a night on the town with Buff, I would totally be rocking this purse because holy shit, you guys, it’s leather!


Pangea leather tote for $154.99 at mlb.com/shop. See the part above about "If money wasn't an issue..."

I would also wear this top that I actually don’t dislike from Alyssa Milano’s Touch line:


No rhinestones!

As to what beverage I would be toasting our bachelorette with, I would likely be smuggling a few of these across the border as they’d be pretty hard to come by in Buffalita’s neck of the woods:

Ah, the 80s.

The night is young, Buffalita, and there’s more of this to come! (Heehee!)

Congratulations, girl!

Love, Bee xoxo

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Buffalita’s Bachelorette! (Part 1)

  1. I have decided — in spite of my usual dislike for guys who give off such a strong “frat boy” vibe –that I kind of adore Nick Swisher. It was the TWIB segment where they showed him recording a kids album that did it, I think.

    However, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Jeter in a dress shirt.

  2. GM – agreed on both counts!

    Minda – we can all take turns being Woo Girl if you wish: WOOOOOO!!!

    Buff – my pleasure. And I’ll have you know I have a deeper appreciation for Arcade Fire since seeing them live. My kids are even into “The Suburbs” now, despite the fact that they’re in the Bieber-Selena demographic.

  3. P.S. If we were to do this bachelorette for reals, I would totally want to go to a bar with a band whose lead singer is dressed like dude from Glass Tiger. I love 80s beer ads!

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