NFL: He’s A What Now?

So the Ladies are preparing for our annual Fantasy Football Draft (if you might be interested in one of our reader slots, leave us a note in the comments!), which is a bit more difficult this year because the shortened free agency/signing period has made it seem as if every single QB has changed teams in the last three weeks. But never fear: here is a handy visual reference guide to help you sort out just who is on which team and how they got there.

First up (and in honor of my New Orleans-native boyfriend, with whom I am celebrating our 2nd anniversary today), the Saints have acquired 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner Mark Ingram from Alabama.
Next, high profile free agent Nnamdi Asomugha left the Raiders for the Eagles

Donovan McNabb is trying to wipe his disastrous year with the Redskins off the books by giving Vikings fans a QB who most of the league doesn’t already hate. (I particularly enjoyed an early training camp interview with a Vikings teammate who noted “hey, he’s already here. Last year we didn’t have a QB until August.”)

Meanwhile, Chad Ochocinco flees the chaotic Bengals for his idea of “heaven,”

And I get to go back to hating Jason Taylor. All is right with the world.

Oh! And last but not least, the Jets acquired a notable free agent of their own (shown here with bonus Revis, because who doesn’t need a little bonus Revis?)

Pre-season games start tonight!

6 thoughts on “NFL: He’s A What Now?

  1. If you’re short a team let me know and I’ll play. I moved in the middle of last season and now I don’t know half of the guys in my old league, makes life difficult when everyone else has the advantage of negotiating trade over the water cooler.

  2. Can those who want to join the Fantasy Football league email the Ladies… email with their contact info so I can add them to our group?
    ladiesdotdotdot [at] gmail [dot] com


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