Hit and Run: I Really Gotta Run Edition

What with the liveblogging early this week, and an unexpected trip out of town this weekend, I’ve barely had time to catch my breath.  Here’s a couple of quick, fun pictures before I get up and resume packing.

Boris Struebel/Getty Images

The US Women are in the World Cup final, and Abby Wambach has another beautiful header goal. The Final is Sunday right when I’ll be heading back from my trip, but I’ll be with them in spirit.

Harry Potter 7B comes out this Friday, but the New York premiere was Tuesday.  Guess who turns out to be a HUGE Potter fan?
Mark Sanchez's photo Found a jets fan outside and gave her my extra ticket! Shannon is pumped haha #harrypotter
Mark Sanchez on WhoSay

Mark then made me feel even older by Tweeting that he loved the books because he was in 6th grade when the first one came out. (I was in college.)

Enjoy your Potter and soccer filled weekend!


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