Hit and Run: I’m too hot to come up with a theme

World Cup Soccer

Hope Solo shall have none of your silly goal scoring nonsense. (Photo: Getty Images)

We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend! I’m still unpacking and cleaning up gear from the Great Island Campout of 2011, in which I did not end up on Princess Kate Watch and did not get to celebrate Brad Richards signing with the Maple Leafs.

And tonight? It’s warm! Summer warm! Finally! Also building heat is Team USA, who defeated Columbia 3-0 yesterday in Women’s World Cup action in Germany. The win clinches them a spot in the quarter finals. They face Sweden tomorrow at 2:45 ET.

Back to hockey for a minute…



What is going on in Carolina? The Hurricanes were busy today, shipping D-man Joe Corvo to the Bruins for a draft pick and signing free agent and Stanley Cup playoff rental Tomas Kaberle. So much for returning to Toronto, NOT THAT I WANTED HIM TO! The Canes recently came to terms with Anthony Stewart and Jussi Jokinen.


GM's second most dreaded nightmare (the first being that Albert signs with another team in the offseason) (Photo: Getty Images)

OWWWWW! Remember that? Just when we thought we wouldn’t be seeing Albert until August, we learn that he has come off the DL! What gives? Deal with the devil? Bionic wrist? Supernatural powers? Regardless, Pujols is expected to be in the lineup Wednesday night and is available to pinch hit tonight.


Damn, Robinson looks good in ALL KINDS OF STRIPES!

My favourite part of July is fast approaching, and I am thrilled that a Yankee will be in the lineup this year for the Home Run Derby on Monday night. Second baseman Robinson Cano, he of the delicious swing, will join Jose Bautista, Adrian Gonzalez and Team Captain (huh?) David Ortiz for the event. Prince Fielder is heading up the NL squad. Will there be a Ladies… liveblog? That is our tradition, no? Stay tuned!

MetsWe close by saluting Ruth Roberts, who helped pen the classic baseball anthem “Meet The Mets“. Roberts passed away last week at the age of 84. Yes, it’s kind of goofy and the “bring your wife” line is cringe-inducing, but you can’t help but smile over a jingle composed during simpler times when we as a baseball-loving public were less concerned with ownership headaches, bad management and escalating salaries. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

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