Hit and Run: Things Which Are Ridiculous

 I wanted to watch Game 4 of the Stanley Cup last night, but couldn’t, because it was on Versus, which I don’t have. (NBC opted for Celebrity Minute To Win It, with Steve-O and some other guy from Jackass. If that’s a bigger ratings draw than the Stanley Cup, the NHL still has a lot of work to do.)

I believe I have made my displeasure about playoff games being on cable channels known before, but I still find it ridiculous.  So since I’m battling some serious writer’s block, here are other things which I am finding ridiculous today.

Dirk Nowitzki.  (Also, Dirk Nowitzki’s shoulders. Is that weird?)

That this may be the closest we get to seeing any NFL players in official action for a while.

The banning (at the last minute, mind) of the Iranian women’s soccer team from the Olympics because of their headscarves.

Albert Pujols in the month of June.

(Aw, you knew it was coming.)  What are you finding ridiculous today?

2 thoughts on “Hit and Run: Things Which Are Ridiculous

  1. That’s awesome, FIFA. Because the women of Iran don’t face nearly enough hurdles.

    Also ridiculous: the Yankees’ record against the Red Sox this season? And how nice it would have been for AJ to use a word like “ridiculous” in his post-game interview last night, instead of that other more ignorant ‘r’ word.

    NBC boggles the mind. Isn’t June a dead zone for TV programming? Why not air the Final? It saddens me. Did you try accessing CBCSports.ca? They’re live streaming the games. Of course, that could only be in Canada…

    • I will try that next time, Bee, although it is possible they’ve blocked their feed to US ISPs. The boyfriend and I were discussing last night how people on my FB feed who aren’t really into sports and have no allegiance to either Miami or Dallas seem to be watching the NBA Finals, which I can only assume is because all the games are on ABC where they can just stumble across them. Pretty sure if they were on ESPN or another sports related channel they wouldn’t do the same because they don’t ever look at the sports channels.

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