Ladies Links: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

How long will it be before we see Buster in catcher's gear again?

I blithely commented on last week’s post that I might have to do another edition of DL’d Hotties, the way this season was going.  Little did I know that it might have to be this week.  Our beloved ROY cutie Buster Posey looks to be out for who knows how long after sustaining a fractured leg and torn ligaments in a collision at the plate last night.  Already discussions have begun about whether it’s time to change the rules about blocking the plate/running into the catcher.

So that’s the bad.  And the ugly.  Which means the only links left are good, so check them out!

And finally, congrats to the Dallas Mavericks on advancing to the NBA Finals.  I like Dirk, but loathe Cuban, and I was sort of rooting for the Thunder, so I can’t decide how to categorize this one.  I leave it up to you:

2 thoughts on “Ladies Links: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. I can’t find anything in the good today. Losing Posey is just heartbreaking, I don’t even care about the sweep. He is the heart of the Giants. BUT, I know if there’s any team that can come together after a loss like this it’s them.

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