Beauty Hurts: Disabled List Hotties

Is it just me, or does the disabled list seem a bit full for only six weeks into baseball season? Maybe it’s because my Cardinals are already missing their ace pitcher, 2/3 of the starting infield and just barely avoided being without their entire outfield in today’s game.  But it isn’t just St. Louis, many of our favorite baseball hotties are currently out of action. Starting with …

David Wright

Out Until June 1

Derrek Lee

Out Until June 4

Joe Mauer

Return Unknown

This one’s a little scary, as the viral infection has apparently caused Joe to drop 20 pounds, and there’s still no official word on what’s caused his leg weakness.  The good news is that he began working out in extended spring training this week.

Grady Sizemore

Out Until May 27

Aw, you know you didn’t want to see a picture of Grady’s knee.

Feel better soon, guys!  The Ladies miss you!

9 thoughts on “Beauty Hurts: Disabled List Hotties

  1. And my dear sweet Phil Hughes (dead arm) :( And Josh Hamilton who screwed my fantasy team in Week 2 (freak injury)

    • Totally forgot about Hamilton. I feel that there may be more editions of DL’d hotties forthcoming, the way this season is turning out.

  2. Oh, Grady :( You break my heart every time you get a boo-boo.

    Would someone be so kind as to slip me the Ladies… email address…for some reason my comp. won’t let me click it, and I have a humble sumbission for a future Mr. Monday or Hump Day Hottie. Thank you!

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