Mr. Monday: Kevin Durant

Since it’s been all of five months since we did a post on Kevin Durant, we thought it was time for another montage of the Thunder’s forward. Never mind, of course, that he led Oklahoma City to a Game 7 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies Sunday with a stellar postseason offensive performance (39 points!) The team will return to the West final for the first time in 15 years when they were the celebrated Seattle (Super)Sonics. It won’t be an easy task, mind you: they’re facing the Mavs. But aren’t you glad to see a West final that doesn’t include Kobe for a change?

More Durant deliciousness and your Monday music fix after the jump.

Let’s attempt to capture all the moods of Kevin Durant, shall we? Here’s the Close-up of Kevin in Possibly Interesting Conversation:


We’ve featured this photo before, but it’s our site and you know how we feel about suits. Here’s Smoldering Sharp-Dressed Kevin:


Kevin On The Defensive:


(Photo: Getty Images)

Intense Kevin:


(Photo: Reuters)

And finally in what sure to be a series of favorites, Cuddly Kevin. Nothing makes our hearts melt like a man showing his appreciation to his mama:


(Photo: Reuters)


Awww! (Photo: Getty Images)

The Oklahoma City-Dallas series begins Tuesday, fellow babies!

Monday Music Fix Time! My corner of the East Coast has been literally drenched these last two weeks. I’m starting to wonder some days if I’m in Vancouver, although that would never, ever be a bad thing because I love that city. If the weather has been crummy and wet in your corner of the world, hopefully this song will warm you in a way that only Adele can.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Monday: Kevin Durant

  1. I love Kevin Durant. He’s the only UT athlete I’ve ever liked while he was actually at Texas — usually it takes a few years in the pros before I forgive them.

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