Some thoughts on fan etiquette

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a grumpy old lady, but I feel like I can’t be the only person that gets frustrated by people at the ball park.

I think my biggest pet peeve at the stadium is people who stand and block aisles, searching for their seats. I’ve never understood what was so hard about finding your seat, especially since most of them are standing their with their ticket in their hand. You’re holding a damn roadmap to your seat and you still can’t figure it out? This bugs me beyond belief. I just can’t wrap my head around what’s so hard about it. We’ve come across people who are in the “right” seats, but the wrong section all the time. These are usually the people who are adament that someone is in their seats, only to realize their seats are a section over. And of course, all this is happening while the game is going on and I’ve now missed an inning because people can’t read the map (ticket) in their hand.

We can’t be the only people out there who check the seat number on the end/beginning of a row to see whether the next aisle over is closer to our seats. This is common decency, right? If I go down the aisle and I realize I’m the first two seats on the other side, I don’t make 18 people get up for me. I go back up the aisle and go down the other side.

While we’re at it, what about the people who step over the row in front of you and then exit that row, instead of their own? I get that there may be more people in the row in front of me than in mine, but what makes it more appropriate to bug me and the rest of the people in my row than the people in your row?

I thought it was maybe just my grumpy self, but it seems like fans all over are behaving more poorly than normal this season. Friends of ours who have full season tickets in the second level of Miller Park – not cheap, I can assure you – have had use the text security function that Miller Park features to stop fights from breaking out in their section. These die hard fans were driven from their seats during a weeknight game because the drunken people around them were so problematic. They moved to a pay-to-use club level area that night and ended up leaving the game early beacuse the drunkenness there was just as bad.

One of the ladies has called the ticketing office of her baseball team to report bad behavior in her section. Seems some other season ticket holders have taken to calling girls “sluts” and using homophobic slurs, among other things. She reported the behavior and was told they would recieve a phone call. However, she’s complained about these seat holders before and wonders why they were even issued season tickets again this year.

Maybe I’m grumpy because the product on the field hasn’t been as good as the fans had expected. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old lady. But these things drive me nuts.

What’s your sports experience pet peeve?

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on fan etiquette

  1. I’ll join you in grumpy solidarity in calling out the drunken douches. It’s especially upsetting when you’re at a game and you have kids with you. And said douche is a green suited guy who plays a vuvuzuela. Poorly.

    It’s like people who get wasted at rock concerts. You paid a fortune for tickets and you’re drunk. Why?

  2. I seriously must have lost that gene somewhere along the way. I mean, I know I had it at one point – I went to college in New Orleans, I KNOW about drunken revelry – but it just does not hold the appeal anymore. I wonder when that happened – clearly that’s the exact moment I became old.

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