Vacation Hangover Links

I’ve been back from my vacation in New Orleans* for about 48 hours now, and I’m not entirely adjusted, so please enjoy these links.  Somehow they are all about baseball, but that wasn’t intentional.

*The picture above was taken on my vacation.  That’s New Orleans Hornets coach Monty Williams 2nd from left, with the GM and President of the franchise, appearing at Jazzfest. I was a little disappointed that no players appeared with them, but Monty Williams is quite nice looking in person.

  • Albert Pujols happened to hug Cubs GM Jim Hendry before the Cubs-Cards game yesterday, and the St. Louis faithful are freaking out.  However, it did lead to this nice piece by my favorite Cards beat writer, Derrick Goold, on having The Talk (about free agency) with your child.
  • The Pirates are offering $1 off box seats for a future series for every run they score in this weekend’s series against the Brewers.  So a good chunk of the Pittsburgh front office will also be rooting for the Brewers pitching staff. And you thought your fantasy team led to complicated loyalties.
  • Speaking of the Pirates, both Pittsburgh and the Royals are flirting with winning seasons. Is this why that guy thinks the world will end on May 21?
  • Bartolo Colon may have saved his career with a radical surgery involving stem cells.  But did it also involve HGH? And if it did, should we care?
  • Meanwhile, Joe Posnanski offers a compelling argument that steroids are out of baseball. And it’s not because of the testing.
  • And finally, how not to issue an intentional walk (with awesome GIF).

You may notice a number of these links come from SBNation’s Baseball Nation blog, which is an excellent resource for baseball news. And I promise to be back in the swing of things by next week.

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